StarFam! Some new pony companions have advanced toward Jorvik alongside a new "story nibble" from Mrs. Holdsworth.





Could you at any point hear that? What's all that stepping and for what reason is the ground shaking? You look towards the skyline and see seven pony outlines drawing nearer! They are all fresh out of the box new, exceptionally mentioned varieties of existing varieties! They are presently long-lasting increases to Jorvik.


Here are the beautiful breeds and where to find them:

★ The English Pure breed can be found at Marley's Homestead and is 850 Star Coins.

★The Irish Cob can be found in Valedale and is 850 Star Coins.

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Some More important Things!

★The Irish Cob can be found in Valedale and is 850 Star Coins. ★Two Icelandics can be found in New Hillcrest and are 950 Star Coins each.


Updates You Must Know

★The American Quarter Pony can be found at Starshine Farm close to the showcase horse and is 950 Star Coins. ★The Paso Fino can be found at Steve's Homestead and is 950 Star Coins.


Story Snacks!

Mrs. Holdsworth isn't done investigating the past. This week she's found an exceptionally intriguing record of the Vala, recommending they relocated to Jorvik some time in the past! Join her to hear her exploration, yet hold tight close, it includes a few terrible stories.



Happy Horse Week

We maintain that the new ponies should have the most joyful greeting to Jorvik. In this way, we're getting you every one of the 7 days free stable consideration. This implies that your ponies will be all feeling their absolute best for a whole week!

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