PRAN card offers attractive tax benefits, including deductions under Section 80C. 

Valid across India, making it accessible for all citizens. 

PRAN card can be maintained regardless of job changes or relocation. 

Convenient access to account details, statements, and contributions via mobile apps. 

Option for partial withdrawals before retirement for financial emergencies. 

PRAN cardholders can resolve issues through an online system. 

Choose from various investment options, tailored to individual goals. 

Multiple options to choose from for managing the PRAN account. 

PRAN card offers cost-effective charges compared to other schemes. 

Enjoy tax benefits on both personal and employer contributions. 

Historically, NPS has provided attractive returns. 

Nominate dependents or beneficiaries easily. 

Detailed statements for transparent tracking. 

Option to adjust monthly contributions based on financial capabilities. 

Choose between lump-sum or systematic withdrawal at retirement. 

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